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Best Spots to Witness the Marathon in Greenwich: Your Ultimate Guide

London Marathon

The London Marathon, a monumental event uniting 50,000 courageous individuals to conquer the city's 26.2-mile course, is a spectacle deserving of unwavering support. Elevate your experience as a spectator by cheering on the runners and exploring nearby locations in Greenwich. This comprehensive guide will assist you in navigating the route and discovering the ideal vantage point.

marathon in greenwich

The Marathon Route and Landmarks:

Embarking from the picturesque Blackheath, the London Marathon winds through the city's historic landmarks, culminating near Buckingham Palace. Enhance your spectator experience by keeping an eye out for these iconic landmarks along the way:

- Mile 6: Catch the action at Cutty Sark

- Mile 12: Experience the energy at Tower Bridge

- Mile 18: Witness the determination at Canary Wharf

- Mile 22: Be part of the spectacle at The Tower of London

- Mile 25: Enjoy the view near The London Eye

- Mile 25: Witness the final push towards Big Ben

- Mile 26: Share in the triumph at Buckingham Palace

These landmarks not only serve as a scenic backdrop but also provide optimal vantage points to cheer on the runners as they conquer each mile.

Road Closures:

Effectively plan your day by staying informed about road closures on Sunday, April 21. While detailed information will be available closer to the event, last year's closures, including Charlton Way, Tower Bridge, The Highway, and Birdcage Walk, offer useful indicators. Plan your route accordingly, considering public transportation to avoid disruptions.

Spectator Hotspot: Bianco43:

For a premium viewing location near the iconic Cutty Sark (at Mile 6), join us at Bianco43. Our charming spot is strategically situated close to the action, making it the ideal place to witness the runners in their early miles. Enjoy an excellent view along with a variety of refreshments, including coffee, teas, water bottles, and breakfast options. It's the perfect pitstop to energize yourself while cheering on the participants.

Timing and Tips:

While the marathon commences between Greenwich and Blackheath, the real excitement unfolds later in the race. Dedicated supporters should secure their spots early to witness the initial enthusiasm, then explore nearby attractions or grab a drink at Bianco43.


The London Marathon transcends being a mere race; it's a celebration of human endurance and determination. As spectators, our role is pivotal in motivating and supporting the participants. Whether you choose to cheer near Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge, or any other landmark, maximize your experience and soak in the vibrant atmosphere that the London Marathon brings to Greenwich.


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